Chiropractic philosophy

You can only experience wellbeing if your entire body is functioning properly. It is impossible to be well by just eliminating the symptoms of a problem. The solution is in solving the entire problem as it is. This is the perspective chiropractic care approaches the problem you present. Chiropractic medicine is based on the philosophy that view a whole as greater that sum of parts. A system only functions well only because it is whole. Chiropractic care also focused on the flow of life force. The life force that makes the difference between a living animal and a dead one despite them has the same parts.

Application of the philosophy

Disease is believed to be caused by the body being in an imbalanced state. In this case, if the spine therefore e is not properly aligned the body is likely to experience symptoms of illness. The treatment and care focuses on restoring the alignment of the spine. This essentially means that you will be much healthier after a regular chiropractic visit. Chiropractic care was founded on a philosophy that focused on improving the flow of life force. This is the major concern of your chiropractor when you visit. With improved flow of vital life force, you are likely to enjoy better general health.

This approach of treatment requires that neither diagnosis nor care is done based on the prevailing symptoms alone. Your chiropractor will do a comprehensive assessment in order to find out exactly what is happening to you that has resulted in the presentation of the troubling symptoms. This approach is aim at achieving the general heath of the patient not just relieving the prevailing discomfort. For instance, if you go to a chiropractor with neck pain and you are predisposed to lower back pain, you should be able to access care that will relieve the two problems in one visit. Sometimes this happens without you even knowing.

Is chiropractic care curative or preventive care preventive or curative care?

That depends on your need for a chiropractor. It could be for curative reasons or preventive ones. In either case you are likely to have your health greatly improved. When you are experiencing musculoskeletal or spinal pain, your chiropractor will provide you with curative therapy. You will however find yourself benefiting from the treatment more that you anticipated due to their philosophy of care. Chiropractic care can also be a preventive health care practice. Regular visits to a chiropractor can improve your general wellbeing. Chiropractic spinal manipulation will prevent most of the problems affecting your bones. You are likely to enjoy physical activity much better because of improved range of motion. This will most certainly improve your general health.


Keeping chiropractic visits as a health habit could go a long way in maintaining your general health. Being an alternative to pain medication, it could relieve you from pain and suffering for chronic conditions. Chiropractic care can make you lead a better and fulfilling life that is pain free.


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